The materials we perform and produce are meant to be wild and sweaty and out there, man. We dive into the weird and expect you to take the ride with us and scream with us along the way! If you're digging it of course. If not we prefer silence. I want to go to the theatre and laugh and think and get my money's worth from the actors.  Even if its free! Those bastards better be breathing hard at the end there. Losta fuckin energy and passion. That's what we bring you.

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Nao Dobashi

Nao Dobashi (pronounced “NOW”) is originally from Japan and has worked on numerous Stage 13 projects. She played LYNN in several readings of the Stage 13 work-in-development titled Little Exodus;KATE in the improvised video sketch comedy piece Snuggle Party!;  she also appeared as MAO in Studio 13's soon to be released feature length film Don Peyote with Dan Fogler and Wallace Shawn Directed by Dan Fogler and Michael Canzoniero; and MARY in Studio 13's M'Larky. Nao worked extensively on the Stage 13 fundraising and educational outreach initiative as an actress in one of several student written pieces performed as part of Poly Prep Country Day School's Community and Diversity Day. For the award winning production of Kate Gersten's EXPOSED! The Curious Case of Shilo and Zaharah, Nao served both as Assistant Producer and Sound Technician.

New York: ELECTRA in Tadashi Suzuki’s CLYTEMNESTRA; MOON in a Butoh dance solo of an oak tree that survived the atomic bomb in Hiroshima in the original piece HALF MOON RISING; CAROLINE in Riant Theatre's When Greenland Melted...The Robot Rose, in the Strawberry One Act Festival at Hudson Guild Theatre; Nao also played herself in a piece she contributed to the collectively written 1,934 Days as part of the Times Square International Theatre Festival. 

She holds a BFA in Acting from the University of Utah, and is a graduate from the Stella Adler Conservatory.

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